Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet (Ελληνικό αλφάβητο)

The Greek alphabet has been used since the 8th century BC ,

The alphabet has 24 letters starting from alpha to omega

It was developed from the Phoenician alphabet and is the ancestor of many European and Middle Eastern scripts.

Greek letters are used today in science and mathematics

The lower case Greek letters are used more often than the upper case letters.

Physics for example the letter lambda λ to represent wavelength.

Omega Ω is used to represent electrical resistance in ohms.

Sigma Σ to represent a sum

Theta θ very often used, usually for an angle

Another common use is for the Greek capital letter sigma Σ to represent a sum

The most famous is probably Π pi a mathematical constant (3.14159265...)

The Alphabet

Αα (alpha)

Ββ (beta)

Γγ (gamma)

Δδ (delta)

Εε (epsilon)

Ζζ (zeta)

Ηη (eta)

Θθ (theta)

Ιι (iota)

Κκ (kappa)

Λλ (lambda)

Μμ (mu)

Νν (nu)

Ξξ (xi)

Οο (omicron)

Ππ (pi)

Ρρ (rho)

Σσ (sigma)

Ττ (tau)

Υυ (upsilon)

Φφ (phi)

Χχ (chi)

Ψψ (psi)

Ωω (omega)

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Some useful Greek words and phrases

Yes - Neh

No - OXee

I don’t understand - Dhehn kahtahlahvehno

Do you speak English- Meelahteh ahnggleekah

Hello/Goodbye - Yiassou

Thank you - Efhareesto

No thank you - OXee efhareesto

Good evening - Kalee spaira

Good night - Kalee neeXta

Cheers - Yammas

How much - Poso Kani

The small change (coins)- Ee pseel

For you - Ya senna

A beer - Meea beera

Tea - Tasi

Coffee - Kafe

From the barrel - Apo teen varella

Keep the change - Krateesteh ta resta

Where is? - poo eena?

The post office - Oh taXeethromeeo

The bank - Ee trapeza

The table - To trapezi

The car - Oh avtokeeneeto

The bus - Oh leeoforeeo

The Doctor - Oh Yatdros

The meal was very nice - To fageeto eetan polee kalo

The bill please - To logareeasmo parakalo

I didn't understand - Dhen katalova

I understood - Katalova

The toilet - Ee tooaletta

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